Cold War: Space Race

An excellent visual overview of the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union.


Excellent Resource for Teaching Civics

It is difficult to teach civics to ELL students. Most of them have no background knowledge in regards to American government, our court systems, the roles of citizens, etc. This website provides excellent lessons that are easy to read, visual, and graphically organized – all key concepts when teaching ELL students. It also provides web quests and games to motivate students who have difficulty learning in the traditional classroom. Everything is free once you create a log-in.

Technology Class in Spanish

These are some great videos created by two teachers collaborating together. Our Foundations of Technology teacher has a large number of Spanish speaking ELL students in her classes. In order to help them understand some basic instructions on some very dangerous machines, she worked with the Spanish teacher to create videos that explain the instructions in Spanish. Enjoy and feel free to use if you teach these subjects!